C-425 GT Taylor-Dunn

Chassis: Battery:
Type: LESS INDUSTRIAL BATTERY COMPARTMENT 32″ L x 16-1/2″ W x 24″ H System Voltage: 48 Charger: Optional
Chassis: Brakes:
Rear: Hydraulic discs Front: Hydraulic disc Parking: Hand
Chassis: Frame Construction:
Steel unitized body with heavy duty 3/16 inch thick chassis
Chassis: Powertrain:
Type: Electric Power: Optional Transmission: Transaxle Assembly, Sealed Helical Gear Primary Reduction to Hypoid Ring and Pinion Gears Drive: Controller: SEM
Chassis: Steering:
Manual, Re-circulating Ball
Chassis: Suspension:
Rear: Coil springs, shock absorbers Front: Coil springs
Chassis: Tires:
Rear: 4.80 x 8 pneumatic Front: 4.80 x 8 Load Range C, Pneumatic, Split Rims
Dimensions: Deck:
Width: N/A Length: N/A Height: N/A
Dimensions: Height:
Less Cab: 56″ (142 cm) With Cab: 82.5″ (209 cm)
Dimensions: Hitch Height:
12.5″ (31.8cm)
Dimensions: Length:
78.5″ (199 cm)
Dimensions: Outside Turning Radius:
69″ (175.26cm)
Dimensions: Weight:
1650 lbs. (748 kg) Less charger and batteries
Dimensions: Wheel Base:
36.5″ (92.71cm)
Dimensions: Width:
38″ (96 cm)
Interior: Instrumentation:
Smart View Display (Battery status indicator, hour meter, system status monitor, speedometer), reverse buzzer, forward/reverse selector, key switch, emergency disconnect switch, electric horn, DC/DC Converter
Interior: Seats:
Driver: Passenger:
Performance: Passengers:
Performance: Range:
30 Miles (48 km)
Performance: Speed:
9 mph (14.4 km/h)
Performance: Tow Capacity:
DBP: 300 – 2,000 lbs. Towing Capacity: 15,000 lbs. (6800 kg)

The C-425 Huskey utilizes a 48-volt GT drive system equipped with a solid state controller and a drive train incorporating a 16.3 hp DC SEM motor attached to an automotive differential to provide rugged and reliable service for years to come.

Ergonomics and operator safety are other key design features. Tilt steering wheel, spring-loaded adjustable operator seat, and improved visibility while maneuvering in tight spots makes the C-425 one of the most modern tow tractors manufactured.

Equipped for a standard lift out battery box or optional left-side extract (LSX) battery system, the Huskey can be utilized 24 hours a day.

With a smooth ride and effortless operation provided by front and rear suspension, the Huskey is the operator’s choice. Other standard equipment, including headlight, turn signals, hazard lights, and reverse lights, makes the C-425 one of the best narrow-aisle tow tractors in the industry. 

Equipment Type
Industrial Carts / Electric & Gas Tow Tractors & Trailers