Your daily operations require forklifts to do the heavy lifting. This equipment is an integral part of your team's productivity, so when you need to improve efficiency, consider renting additional forklifts from Fitzgerald Equipment Company. We offer forklift rentals to help companies in southern Wisconsin and Illinois streamline operations.

About Forklift Rentals From Fitzgerald Equipment Company

When you get forklift rentals from us, we ensure you receive expertly maintained and serviced vehicles. We take care of all our rentals' maintenance, so professionals sourcing equipment from us can complete projects knowing the machinery they receive will be in good condition. We provide forklift rentals, helping your team access equipment from top brands.

Besides having options from top manufacturers, you will also benefit from competitive rates and flexible terms when renting from us.

Types of Forklifts Available for Rent

At Fitzgerald Equipment Company, we have several equipment vehicles available for rent. Use your forklift rentals in varying applications, from small to large loads in warehouses, facilities and distribution centers. Forklifts available for rent include:

  • Internal combustion forklifts
  • Electric forklifts

Whether you choose an internal combustion or electric forklift rental, our team ensures you receive a model matching your operating requirements. Consider the platform size, lift height, weight capacity and movement abilities you need to complete your job when deciding what type of forklift to rent. Our team can help you find the perfect fit.

Benefits of Renting a Forklift

A vehicle like a forklift is crucial when your job requires heavy lifting. If you need additional equipment for a short time or want to save money, consider renting forklifts for benefits like:

  • Access to the latest technology: Renting forklifts lets you try the newest models more often. You'll have more opportunities to try various equipment before deciding if you want to purchase a new forklift.
  • Saving money: When you rent, you have no maintenance costs and lower upfront costs compared to purchases. You also don't have to pay for storage space.
  • Flexible rental durations: Renting one is ideal if you only need an extra forklift for a limited time. Most forklift rental companies let you rent the equipment for days, weeks or months.
  • Meeting demand: If the season is extremely busy, having an extra forklift in the facility can help you and your team keep up with orders. Renting a forklift during busy times provides more flexibility for your work.
  • Versatile options: While you can access models with the latest technologies, you can rent used forklifts to stay within or closer to your budget. Choose a model with the features you require to maximize your investment.

Rent a Forklift From Fitzgerald Equipment Company

Come to us whenever you need a forklift rental in Illinois or southern Wisconsin. We supply high-quality material handling equipment, acting as a single source for the machines you need. The rental process is easy. Complete our rental request form to share the specifications you're looking for and the dates you need the equipment for. Then, one of our representatives will reach out to finalize the deal.