SMO Material Handling Catalog

Fitzgerald Equipment Company is your source for the best material handling products. We carry the best-in-class equipment to provide you with optimal selection, and our staff can provide the highest level of service around.

If you want to learn more about our extensive inventory, check out our online material handling catalog. Inside, you'll find a wide range of material handling and industrial supplies to meet all your needs.

What You'll Find in Our Equipment Catalog

With a variety of equipment with great pricing and service to match, Fitzgerald Equipment Company is here to meet all of your needs!

Check out a few examples of the kinds of material handling equipment you'll find in our catalog:

  • Racking and shelving: Gain easy access to stored items and increase floor space with our industrial racking and shelving products. The systems we offer can help you improve efficiency and protect your inventory. We'll work with you to ensure your racking or shelving system suits your unique needs, whether you're storing heavy industrial materials or want to support a first-in, first-out inventory strategy.
  • Conveyors and rollers: Transferring equipment and products across a large space efficiently requires conveyor tables and rollers. We sell varying sizes of conveyor rollers for your application — choose PVC for a cost-effective solution, or go with aluminum or stainless steel when you need a heavy-duty option.
  • Lifting equipment: You'll find an expansive inventory of jacks, lift trucks and stackers in our catalog. Our inventory includes hand, electric, hydraulic and rough terrain jacks and lift trucks for varying applications, as well as forklift accessories and attachments. We also offer new and used aerial lifts.
  • Bins and containers: Accessing and organizing inventory and tools is a breeze when you have a structured storage system. We offer a huge range of storage containers, from wire mesh hanging bins to clear shelf bins and colored stacking bins. You can also design a custom solution and add accessories like bin cups and dividers to create the optimal storage system.
  • Spill containment equipment: Ensuring a safe and clean working environment is paramount. In addition to material handling equipment, we offer spill containment products and kits so that you can be prepared for any accidents. Our sorbent products work for water and oil-based liquids, and our large spill response kits include high-capacity drums with heavy-duty granular sorbent, pillows and socks.

That's not all! Other items you'll find in our catalog include:

  • Tables and workbenches
  • Handtrucks and dollies
  • Carts and trailers
  • Cabinets and lockers
  • Wheels and casters
  • Drum handling equipment
  • Scales
  • Matting
  • Small industrial supplies
  • Cranes and other lifting equipment
  • Dock equipment
  • Ladders and lifts

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Proudly family-owned and operated, Fitzgerald Equipment Company has been providing customers with the highest quality material handling equipment since 1962. Our huge selection of equipment and accessories accommodates small manufacturing operations, large wholesale warehouses and everything in between.

After checking out our catalog, contact us if you have any questions or would like to make a purchase! At Fitzgerald Equipment Company, we're committed to helping you get your material handling handled.