Fitzgerald Equipment offers replacement parts for material handling equipment in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin. We carry parts from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to make sure every piece you get from us is one you can trust. Get in touch to order the material handling parts you need for your fleet.

When Your Equipment Is Down, We Understand That Time Is Money.

That’s why we take matters into our own hands and stock a huge inventory of OEM parts to make sure you have a shoulder to lean on when your bottom line is impacted. Downtime hurts your business. That’s why we strive to stock a huge inventory of high wear parts for every make and model, so we can get your material handling equipment back running quickly. Give us a call or stop by your nearest Fitzgerald equipment location to find the part you need.

  •  Extensive in-stock parts inventory
  •  Genuine OEM parts for every manufacturer we carry
  •  Knowledgeable parts professionals

OEM Forklift Parts for Sale

Obtaining the parts you need for your forklifts or other material handling resources will help you reduce downtime and extend each vehicle's life span. At Fitzgerald Equipment, we stock a wide range of OEM parts to ensure you can find what you need to maintain your fleet.

Our knowledgeable customer service representatives are ready to help you find the parts you need and dispatch them to your facility. We provide timely deliveries from our locations in southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois so you can receive the parts you need fast.

Work with us to purchase various types of forklift parts, including:

  • Chains and masts
  • Fuel hoses
  • Hydraulic hoses
  • Spark plugs
  • Brakes
  • Forks
  • Lift brackets
  • Oil and air filters
  • Wheels and tires

Save Time and Money by Swapping in Replacement Forklift Parts

The vehicles you use to meet your productivity goals include many complex systems. Their efficiency depends on numerous parts working together at full capacity. It's critical to ensure that each component is ready to rise to your needs, so order replacement forklift parts from Fitzgerald Equipment to stay on top of your maintenance demands.

Our replacement forklift parts are reliable components from top manufacturers like Genie and Taylor-Dunn. Here's how you can benefit from swapping out your old or damaged forklift parts:

  • Save time: Old parts may break at inopportune times. Replace your components before they fail to maximize uptime.
  • Save money: Even one faulty piece can cause a serious, expensive issue. Purchase replacement parts ahead of time to prevent serious equipment damage and protect the loads your forklifts transport.
  • Protect employees: Workplace safety is a top priority in your industry. Protect your hardworking staff by swapping old forklift components with reliable OEM parts.
Forklift Parts

How to Know When Your Lift Truck Needs New Parts

It's essential to stay ahead of your maintenance and part replacement needs. Fortunately, your forklifts and other material handling equipment will often give you signs that it's time to replace certain parts. Here are a few critical indicators that tell you a part replacement is necessary or will be soon:

  • Thin forks: Over time, metal forks wear down from sliding against hard surfaces.
  • Strong odors: Dirty air filters impact engine efficiency and cause excess carbon monoxide levels. They may emit fuel-like odors.
  • Visible damage: Physical damage such as a bent fork, dented chassis or broken chain indicate the need for part replacement.
  • Cracked hoses: Air and fuel hoses may crack over time, resulting in leaks.
  • Worn tires: Tires will lose traction over time, which can cause the vehicle to slide on your facility's slick floors.

Why Choose Fitzgerald Equipment for Forklift Parts?

Fitzgerald Equipment is a leading retailer of OEM forklift parts for various brands. We offer a massive selection of genuine OEM components, plus a team of knowledgeable associates to help you find the parts you need. With storehouses in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin, we can deliver parts to your location quickly, maximizing your uptime. We also offer forklift maintenance and repair appointments, so count on Fitzgerald Equipment for the parts and services that will preserve your forklift fleet.

Manufacturer Parts We Carry

Your business's efficiency and productivity ride on the forklifts that make up your fleet. Ensure your lift trucks feature parts that enable them to perform at their best. Fitzgerald Equipment carries OEM parts from the nation's top manufacturers, including brands like:

  • Genie
  • Taylor Dunn
  • Nilfisk Advance

Need Help?

If you aren’t sure about the part number or what might be the correct part, our team of parts specialists can help you find the best fit or connect you with one of our experienced technicians, who then will be able to inspect and diagnose what part is needed to be replaced.

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