Time is money in your business – the smoother and more efficient your operations, the better for your bottom line. Fitzgerald Equipment Company offers durable, competitively priced forklift attachments to increase your lifting productivity. We have decades of experience providing excellent quality material handling products. Shop our full range of attachments that will help streamline operations and improve the safety in your warehouse & distribution centers throughout Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. Request A Quote

Forklift Attachments From Fitzgerald Equipment Company

Forklift attachments help you get the most out of your equipment and team. The right tools can speed up your handling times and help you maximize the equipment you already have. At Fitzgerald Equipment Company, we’ll help you enhance your lifts and increase their flexibility by evaluating what attachments will best serve your needs and improve safe handling.

Types of Forklift Attachments We Carry

Fitzgerald Equipment Company offers various forklift attachments from Bolzoni and Cascade to help you do more with your fleet.

Forklift Clamps

Forklift clamps are designed to handle items with care. The ideal clamp depends on your forklift capacity, the products you work with and the weight of the items. Clamps are useful for carrying uniquely shaped products and articles, like hay, paper rolls or materials without pallets. Some common types of forklift clamps include:

  • Carton clamps.
  • Paper roll clamps.
  • Bale clamps.
  • Concrete block clamps.
  • Appliance clamps with forks.

Fork Positioners

Fork positioners are handy when your operators need to transport pallets of various sizes safely and efficiently. This attachment enables the operator to hydraulically move the forks closer or further apart from the operators seat.

Forklift Push-Pulls

Forklift push-pull attachments enable you to ship, receive and store loads using slip sheets. This instead of pallet or skids attachments saves your business money on product packaging and is typically used for electronics, bottled beverages, cased goods, cement bags and other construction materials.

Forklift Rotators

Forklift rotators are ideal for food processing, manufacturing and other applications that require dumping of loads. This lift attachment enables 360-degree turning capability and inversion, offering ultimate flexibility in handling and transporting goods.

Benefits of Forklift Attachments

Forklift attachments offer absolute versatility, allowing you to maximize your existing fleet. Benefits of forklift attachments include:

  • Safer operations: Forklift attachments allow greater control over materials during handling. Control and specialized care mean safer operations for your team and greater protection of the items handled.
  • Improved performance: Attachments enable operators to adjust quickly between tasks without swapping out machinery. Easy-to-swap attachments extend your existing forklifts’ functionality and can help operators work more efficiently.
  • Decreased labor costs: Finding and retaining skilled workers can pose a challenge. With the correct forklift attachments, you can reduce the need for other specialized vehicles and operators, decreasing labor costs.
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