OSHA Training Is Required For Every Potential Operator In Your Building

This includes part-time, seasonal, substitute workers, technicians and sales people. At Fitzgerald Equipment, we offer a variety of training options to meet your specific needs from our offices in Illinois. With each class, we strive to be sure that our customers are safely and skillfully operating their in-house materials handling equipment. Fitzgerald Equipment’s forklift operator & train-the-trainer kits, fulfill all OSHA requirements for both initial training and refresher courses.

To register for forklift training in northern Illinois or southern Wisconsin, please contact us online today!

Forklift Courses

Our courses train staff and management to operate essential but potentially dangerous equipment like forklifts. Register for one of our courses to learn to maximize the benefits of using your machines while protecting your personnel and products from harm. 

We offer personalized forklift training sessions in Rockford according to your needs and preferences:

  • On-site training for individual operators: Teach individual equipment operators as a part of onboarding or continued learning programs. 
  • Group training at our location or yours: Schedule training sessions for the entire staff that take place at the location that works best for your business. 
  • Train-the-trainer options: Equip management with the skills they need to ensure all workers operate equipment safely and efficiently.  
  • OSHA training for commercial settings: Familiarize your staff with the latest standards for forklift and aerial lift operation from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. 
  • Technical training: Discover the latest technology from basic internal combustion engines through advanced electrical systems on today’s sophisticated forklift trucks.

Forklift Training Options 

With Fitzgerald Equipment, you can train your staff and management teams in the ways that work best for your business. We offer various on-site and remote training options that put you in control of the way you learn. Our personalized forklift and aerial lift safety courses are available through the following formats: 


Fitzgerald Equipment offers an extensive training package available on DVD. The training is fully customizable to the customer’s situation.

Video Training Kit

Fitzgerald Equipment also offers a standardized video training kit which includes tests and quizzes.

On-Site Training

Fitzgerald Equipment offers on-site forklift training at your facility in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin for up to 20 people per class at a time and date that’s convenient to your schedule.

Training Makes a Difference  

Your staff has a lot to do, but operating safely is just as important as efficiency. Our training sessions unveil ways your staff and management can maximize performance while meeting the latest safety standards. Here are the ways your business can benefit from forklift training sessions: 

  • Boost employee efficiency: Maximize uptime and productivity by teaching your staff to master your company’s machinery. 
  • Ensure employee safety: Promote habits that protect the employees operating your machinery and the others on your warehouse floor. 
  • Increase employee retention: Foster a safe, growth-focused workplace that encourages top performers to stay with your company. 
  • Avoid product loss: Implement operational practices that ensure your employees move inventory around your facility safely. 
  • Preserve your machinery: Teach your personnel to operate machinery correctly and notice details indicating the need for maintenance or repair. 
  • Reduce costs: Operate safely and efficiently to prevent equipment damage, staff injuries and downtime that could add to your expenses. 

Schedule Training

Ready to improve efficiency and create a safer work environment? Fitzgerald Equipment offers virtual and on-site material handling training in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin. We’re available to train your staff at your facility or host your company at one of our locations. For more information on our forklift certification options or to schedule your training session, contact us online today!

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