Ensure workers remain safe while accessing hard-to-reach places by making aerial lifts available for personnel use. Fitzgerald Equipment Company provides aerial lift rentals in Illinois and southern Wisconsin, helping industrial companies can get the equipment necessary to maintain and boost productivity.

About Aerial Lift Rentals From Fitzgerald Equipment Company

Fitzgerald Equipment Company has all the aerial lift rentals you need for your jobs. Our extensive inventory includes well-maintained equipment from top manufacturers in the industry, like Genie. We ensure every aerial lift rental gets regular maintenance and servicing with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, giving you peace of mind that the machine will perform reliably during your rental period.

When you rent from us, we ensure you receive flexible terms and competitive rates, helping you access equipment whenever you need it.

Types of Aerial Lifts Available

You can count on us whenever you need to rent an aerial lift. We carry industrial aerial lift rentals suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Our equipment options include:

  • Articulating lifts
  • Boom lifts
  • Scissor lifts
  • Aerial platforms

Use aerial lifts for various applications, like performing tasks in distribution centers, warehouses and manufacturing facilities. Our articulating, scissor and boom lift rentals will help you complete jobs safely and efficiently throughout your facility.

Genie Aerial Lift

Benefits of Renting an Aerial Lift

Your aerial lift plays an essential role in your everyday operations. When considering if you should buy or rent, evaluate several factors, such as the price, technology and options you have.

Renting aerial lifts has many advantages for companies.

  • Cost-effective: Rentals are a cost-effective option for companies working with aerial lifts. Enjoy the benefits of using the machine without being responsible for maintenance costs or buying a new one when the current one stops working. You also avoid additional charges for storing the lift when it's not in use.
  • Flexible options: Short-term rentals mean you can try multiple options or use a wider range of equipment. You don't have to buy both machines if you need a boom lift one day but an articulating lift the next. Renting allows you to test various models until you find ones that best suit your needs.
  • Latest technology: Using rentals lets you use lifts with the newest technology at an affordable price. When you purchase a machine, you typically use it until it reaches its end. By renting, you are no longer limited to equipment that could have outdated mechanisms or lack new features.
  • Better safety and productivity: Renting aerial lifts gives you access to equipment with the latest safety measures, which helps your team work more efficiently. Workers remain safer while using the lifts and often see higher productivity.

Request a Rental Aerial Lift From Fitzgerald Equipment Company

Ready to get an aerial lift rental that helps your team stay productive? Come to Fitzgerald Equipment Company to receive your rental aerial lift fast. Our locations in Illinois and Wisconsin are ready to help you find and get your rental equipment. Get started with your new aerial lift rentals when you request a rental today.