Do you rely on forklifts to do all the heavy lifting in your warehouse or construction site? If you're in the shipping or construction industry, you know how essential a forklift is to your daily operations. Unfortunately, these machines are costly investments when you purchase brand-new units. On the positive side, you can purchase preowned forklifts and reap the same benefits without spending as much capital. At Fitzgerald Equipment Company, we offer our Illinois and Wisconsin customers top-quality forklifts.

About Used Forklifts From Fitzgerald

Many warehouse managers and contractors are wary about buying used equipment, especially when their livelihood depends on it. That's where Fitzgerald Equipment Company comes in. Our team ensures each preowned forklift functions effectively before we list it on our website. We understand the risks associated with buying used forklifts, so we check the vital components and evaluate the unit for signs of severe faults. After all, we want our customers to have the best results.

Fitzgerald Equipment Company is a family-owned business that has been providing southern Wisconsin and Illinois with durable material handling equipment since 1962. We treat our customers like family members, always giving them our best service and ensuring our equipment meets their needs. Count on our team for step-by-step guidance when choosing the right forklift for your application.

Forklift Options Available

The key to selecting the correct forklift is to analyze your industry and determine what you need your forklift to achieve. For instance, warehouses need forklifts that can maneuver in narrow spaces as they move between aisles. Alternately, if you need your forklift on a rugged construction site, you'll be better off buying a rough-terrain forklift with thick, threaded tires that can maintain stability as it moves over uneven ground.

At Fitzgerald Equipment Company, we only sell equipment from reputable brands. Our used equipment inventory changes regularly, as we consistently buy and sell preowned forklifts. We offer gas, LP and electric forklifts in varying models, sizes and types.

Benefits of Our Used Forklifts

Many business owners think buying new equipment is the best investment for their fleet. While new equipment has its perks, you can expect just as many benefits from buying used forklifts, including:

  • Low immediate cost: Used forklifts are far more affordable than newer ones, saving your business money — especially if you have a strict budget.
  • Familiarity: Your operators may be more familiar with older models. Understanding the model can save your operators time since they won't have to learn the ropes of a new model.
  • Good quality: Our used forklifts are reliable and provide good quality because we ensure each machine is in thoroughly inspected before selling it.

Browse Our Reliable Used Forklifts for Sale

Here at Fitzgerald Equipment Company, we specialize in quality used forklift sales. Count on us to get you the ideal forklift to suit your industry needs. Browse our inventory of used forklifts or contact us online for more information.

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