C-410 Taylor-Dunn

Chassis: Battery:
Type: LESS INDUSTRIAL BATTERY COMPARTMENT 19-3/4″ L x 35-1/2″ W x 23″ H System Voltage: 36 Charger: Optional
Chassis: Brakes:
Rear: Hydraulic discs Front: Hydraulic disc Parking: Hand
Chassis: Frame Construction:
Steel unitized body with heavy duty smooth 1/4 inch panels
Chassis: Powertrain:
Type: Electric Power: Optional Transmission: Transaxle Assembly, Sealed Silent Chain Primary Reduction to Hypoid Ring and Pinion Gears Drive: Automotive Differential Controller: Solid State
Chassis: Steering:
Automotive Type, 24:1
Chassis: Suspension:
Rear: Leaf springs Front: Leaf springs
Chassis: Tires:
Rear: 5.70 x 8 Front: 5.70 x 8 Load Range C
Dimensions: Deck:
Width: N/A Length: N/A Height: N/A
Dimensions: Height:
Less Cab: 49.5″ (125 cm) With Cab: 75″ (190 cm)
Dimensions: Hitch Height:
11″ (27.9cm)
Dimensions: Length:
84.5″ (215 cm)
Dimensions: Outside Turning Radius:
93″ (236.2cm)
Dimensions: Weight:
1,150 lbs. (552 kg.) Less charger and batteries
Dimensions: Wheel Base:
36.5″ (92.7cm)
Dimensions: Width:
36.25″ (92 cm)
Interior: Instrumentation:
Battery status indicator, forward/reverse selector, key switch, electric horn
Interior: Seats:
Driver: Black Vinyl, Interlock Switch Passenger:
Performance: Passengers:
Performance: Range:
20 miles (32 km)
Performance: Speed:
7 mph (11 km/h)
Performance: Tow Capacity:
DBP: 275 – 1,700 lbs. Towing Capacity: 12,500 lbs.

The C-410’s ruggedness begins with its all welded steel construction incorporating 1/4” thick panels riding on a leaf spring suspension. The power traction, oil bath chain, transmission with automotive differential, standard 4-wheel hydraulic brakes, and pneumatic tires make sure the C-410 will start, stop, and ride with ease.

Equipped with DC Series wound motors, solid state speed controllers and accelerator modules, the C-410 offers reliability and value in a tractor that can tow up to 12,500 lbs. at speeds of 7 mph.

Maneuverability is achieved with a compact design incorporating a short wheel base and a 24:1 gear reduced automotive steering system, which allows for operation within tight quarters.

Equipment Type
Industrial Carts / Electric & Gas Tow Tractors & Trailers