REV™chemical-free floor finish removal is now available in three models.
No chemicals. No swirls. No second pass. Perfect floors.
Last year the Adfinity™ REV™ cleaned up at the ISSA Innovation Awards. Now we’re introducing two new REV models with our patent-pending Random Orbital Scrubbing technology that lets you remove multiple coats of old floor finish in a single pass, using water only. The groundbreaking 20″ Adfinity REV is joined by the new 28″ SC750™ REV and the 18″ FM800™ REV. No matter which model you choose, REV can help you reduce labor time by up to 90% while eliminating hazardous chemicals. It’s REVolutionary. A superior daily scrubber and powerful deep scrubber – all in one machine..

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Specialty Products / Floor Cleaning Equipment