Dust Magnet™ Nilfisk-Advance

  • No oil or chemical treatments required, reducing film residues and potential hazards
  • Each versatile Dust Magnet sheet can be used for high dusting, floors, walls and all flat surfaces
  • Lightweight and durable aluminum handle and hardware
  • Disposable dust sheets reduce the risk of cross contamination, and never require laundering
  • Eliminates odorous and unsightly storage areas common with re-usable mop systems

The Dust Magnet™ dry mopping system is the preferred way to remove dust and light dirt from hard surfaces at major hospitals, schools, nursing homes, health care and other facilities.
The standard Dust Magnet floor tool and shaft has single or multiple sheets that easily attach to the aluminum frame. The telescopic handle extends to 79 inches (201 cm) making it ideal for hard-to-reach and overhead areas. The entire unit weighs less than 2 lb (0.91 kg)
In use, the unique Dust Magnet sheet develops a static electric charge, attracting dust to the thick fiber pile much like a magnet. The more you use it, the better it works! Since dirt clings to the Dust Magnet sheet, dust will not shake loose when cleaning overhead, making this product very versatile. Dust Magnet sheets hold more dirt and clean more surface area than any other disposable, dry dust mopping system.

Equipment Type
Specialty Products / Floor Cleaning Equipment