SC351™ Commercial Nilfisk-Advance

  • Durable brush and heavy-duty polyurethane squeegee blades can be easily changed without the use of tools
  • Integrated squeegee allows forward and backward water pick-up
  • Foldable/adjustable handle makes transport and storage easy
  • Easy-to-use control panel has four operating mode options, allowing for diverse scrub settings
  • Recovery and solution tank can be quickly and easily removed for refill, dumping or cleaning procedures
  • Standard onboard battery charger saves time and increases productivity

Innovative Deck and Compact Design Marks a Breakthrough in Daily Scrubbing for Small Area Cleaning.
Just another small scrubber? Think again. The Advance SC351™ micro scrubber proves it’s in a class of it its own, delivering faster, better and easier scrubbing. Combine these features with the unique, fully adjustable rotating deck and you are on your way to superior scrubbing performance. Featuring full battery-powered operation with a standard onboard battery charger, the 14 inch disc delivers more scrubbing with minimal downtime and less hassle. Plus, at only 64 dB A, the SC351 is the quietest machine in its class, making daytime cleaning and cleaning of noise-sensitive areas an easy option. With its compact, maneuverable design, the SC351 is ideal for scrubbing in tight corners or under tables or chairs.
Patented Rotating Deck
Never skip those hard-to-reach areas again. By using the SC351, with its integrated rotating deck, operators are ensured the flexibility to clean under and around obstacles. The rotating deck allows for water pick-up in all directions—including reverse.

Equipment Type
Scrubbers / Floor Cleaning Equipment