B-248 48V AC Taylor-Dunn

Chassis: Battery:
Type: Eight, 225 Amp-hour, 6 volt (lead acid) System Voltage: 48V Charger: Built-in, 48V, 1kW, 110 VAC with interlock
Chassis: Brakes:
Rear: Hydraulic Disc Front: Hydraulic disc Parking: Hand
Chassis: Frame Construction:
Steel unitized body with heavy duty 16 gauge diamond plate
Chassis: Powertrain:
Type: Electric Power: 110/220V, 50/60Hz Transmission: Transaxle Assembly, Sealed Helical Gear Primary Reduction to Hypoid Ring and Pinion Gears Drive: GT Drive, Automotive Type Differential Controller: Solid State Self Diagnostic, AC Speed Controller
Chassis: Steering:
Manual, Re-circulating Ball
Chassis: Suspension:
Rear: Leaf Springs, Dual Rear Shocks Front: Leaf springs
Chassis: Tires:
Rear: 5.7 x 8 Load Range C, Pneumatic Front: 5.7 x 8 Load Range C, Pneumatic
Dimensions: Deck:
Width: 41.25″ Length: 75.25″ Height: 25″ (63.5 cm)
Dimensions: Height:
Less Cab: 45″ (114 cm) With Cab: 69″ (172 cm)
Dimensions: Hitch Height:
12.5″ (31.8 cm)
Dimensions: Length:
121″ (307 cm)
Dimensions: Outside Turning Radius:
138″ (350.4 cm)
Dimensions: Weight:
1,550 lbs (702 kg)
Dimensions: Wheel Base:
55″ (139.8 cm)
Dimensions: Width:
45″ (114 cm)
Interior: Instrumentation:
Smart View Display (Battery status indicator, hour meter, system status monitor, speedometer), reverse buzzer, forward/reverse selector, key switch, electric horn
Interior: Seats:
Driver: Dual seat cushion with full backrest Passenger: Dual seat cushion with full backrest
Performance: Load Capacity:
3,000 lb (1,360 kg)
Performance: Passengers:
Performance: Range:
30 Miles (48 km)
Performance: Speed:
16 mph (25.7 km/h)
Performance: Tow Capacity:
10,000 lb (4535 kg)

The Model B’s unique modular design allows the Taylor Dunn B-248 to be configured to provide precise solutions to suit your needs.

The advantage of the AC system is increased torque for hill climbing and towing loads. This is possible with its brushless sealed motor and regenerative braking.

Equipment Type
Industrial Carts / Burden Carriers, Industrial Vehicles, Trucks & Trailers