HydroDry™ Nilfisk-Advance

  • Designed to stack for easy storage, or to gang up for additional air flow
  • Rugged rotocast polyethylene housing
  • Convenient, molded-in carrying handle is off-set for easy carrying
  • Molded-in cord wrap for easy storage of the 25-foot safety yellow power cord
  • Molded housing is designed to sit flat or at 45° or 90° angles to direct air as needed

The HydroDry™ blower speeds the drying of floors after scrubbing, waxing or finishing, and carpets after extraction. Drying time is reduced 25- to 50-percent.
The HydroDry fan also helps dry wet basements, flooded areas, fresh paint, concrete sealer or any surface that needs to be dried fast. It works to aid ventilation when used in hot, closed areas, or to remove smoke and fumes. And it is easy to use. Just plug it in, position it as needed and turn it on. The Advance HydroDry moves 1,600 – 2,500 cubic feet of air per minute (45.3–70.8 m3/min.). The powerful three-speed motor is quiet and efficient.
Housing design provides three stationary positions for directing air flow either flat over surface, or up at either a 45° or a 90° angle.
A sturdy molded-in handle helps balance while moving to needed areas. A unique interlocking feature allows for the stacking of units for more air movement or for storage.

Equipment Type
Carpet Extractors / Floor Cleaning Equipment