ET700™ Nilfisk-Advance

  • 10 gallon recovery tank
  • 2 cords, each 25 foot detachable 12/3 gauge, hospital grade plugs
  • 12 gallon solution tank
  • Roller handles for easy loading
  • Low recessed solution filling area for easy filling 2 cords, each 25
  • Two handles for easy maneuverability

The ET700™ is the result of years of extensive engineering and design experience coming together with customer feedback to create one of the most powerful and user-friendly portable carpet extractors ever made
The ET700 is designed with the end user’s needs in mind. Features like upright, dolly design for easy loading, unloading and stair climbing make the ET700 easy to handle by one person. Wand caddy, retractable cord wrap and large rear wheels make the ET700 very easy to transport. For maintenance, it doesn’t get any easier than the ET700 pallet design. Simply open the hinged tanks for full access to all internal components on the machine. 
But it is the “Easy Transport” features of the ET700 that crown it already as the king of mobility. A special wand caddy is molded into the design of the machine. A retractable hose wrap holds your vacuum and solution hose. Cord wraps hold your electrical cords. It is the easiest high performance extractor in the world to move through a facility.
For performance, the ET700 has all the power and versatility you expect an Advance extractor to have and more! Dual vacuums provide unmatched cleaning power, but don’t take our word for it, let the proven performance of the CRI Gold certification speak for the power of the ET700!

Equipment Type
Carpet Extractors / Floor Cleaning Equipment