If you’re seeking a carpet extractor with greater productivity per tankful, then consider the benefits of the AquaClean® 12ST self-contained extractor.
Ideal for facilities with smaller amounts of carpet, the compact AquaClean® 12ST extractor houses a 5-gallon solution tank that cleans 1,000 square feet of carpet without refilling. That’s an impressive 100% productivity gain over most competitors!
Unlike extractors with multiple spray jets, the single spray jet technology used in the AquaClean® 12ST will cover a 12-inch cleaning path without leaving streaks or clogging. The aerodynamically engineered and advanced design of the laminar flow vacuum shoe provides smooth airflow and equal suction, allowing for better recovery of dirty solution.
The AquaClean® 12ST extractor’s simplified control panel illustrates the four easy operational steps. One master button turns the machine on and off. The solution flow switch dispenses water at an optimal flow rate to prevent over-wetting the carpet, which can harbor allergens and increase drying time. In addition, the heavy-duty handle of the AquaClean® 12ST extractor folds down, making it easily portable.
The AquaClean® 12ST extractor includes a tools-free removable cylindrical brush with a storage position that allows the brush to be stored off the floor when not in use. Optional hand extraction tools for cleaning upholstery, steps or difficult access areas are available.

Equipment Type
Carpet Extractors / Floor Cleaning Equipment